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As our KNTX community members continue to ask smart questions, we’ll answer them here.

Does Kinetix take insurance?

YES, our visits can be covered by out of network insurance benefits. Patients can submit out-of-network claims to their insurance companies for physical therapy reimbursement and get all or some of their visits covered depending on the type of insurance you have. It is our mission at Kinetix to improve the quality of care in the healthcare world. Too often, physical therapists are overwhelmed with paperwork demands, billing procedures, and ridiculous insurance policies that force them to cut down on the time they spend with the patient. The focus of every session becomes increasingly less about what the patient needs and more about making the insurance company happy. Therapists are forced to overload their schedules to meet these demands and as a result, YOUR CARE SUFFERS! A part of our mission at Kinetix is to shift the power dynamic back to the patient so that you can get exactly what you deserve: an attentive and success driven healthcare experience. Let your Coach know after your first session if you intend to submit through insurance and they will talk you through the entire process.

Do I have to purchase a membership in order to work with Kinetix?

No. At Kinetix, everyone can be helped in different ways. We offer memberships to our athletes as a means for you to save money on follow up appointments and have the most well rounded care and experience. Our membership tiers offer different levels of attention and focus based on what you need. For those who are happy with their current training programs and don’t need a lot of guidance, we offer individual “flex performance therapy sessions” that you can schedule and pay for a la carte.